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To ensure good health of your birds you are required to provide them good bird feed. Some birds are seed eating while some feed on live food. In wild the diet of a bird mainly consists of seeds, fruits, nectar and insects. Being an aviary owner you are recommended to know the food habits of each of your bird species to ensure a healthy diet. The following are the essential nutrients that are generally required by the birds.

Nutrients of Bird Feed

Vitamin A - Vitamin A should be an essential constituent of the diet for young birds. Vitamin A is responsible for promoting good health of skin and the feathers. The quality of the plumage of the bird highly depends upon the health of the skin.

Vitamin B - The vitamin B is responsible for the smooth running of the central nervous system of the bird. If vitamin B is taken in by the bird adequately, it would stay mentally alert and physically active.

Vitamin C - Vitamin C is useful in keeping your birds away from skin infections. The birds develop a strong immune system to fight against the disease casing germs if Vitamin C is consumed in right proportions.

Vitamin D - Vitamin D is required for the development of bones of the birds.

Vitamin E - Vitamin E prevents the incidence of sterility among birds. The fertility of the birds is maintained by providing them food items rich in Vitamin E.

Bird Food

The following are some common food items that can be given to pet birds.

Seeds - There are many birds that mainly live upon seeds. But not all birds like to have same kind of seeds as their diet. So, you are recommended to offer your birds living in a mixed aviary with mixed blend of seeds. Seeds like black oil sunflower seeds, millets and milo are usually provided to birds.

Suet - Suet is another common bird feed that is made up of animal fat. Though nutritious but the food should be avoided during the warm season. In fact many birds themselves stop eating suet during the summer season. You may prepare suet by buying beef or pork fat from the nearby butcher shop. You may get ready made suet cakes from the retails stores as well.

Apart from seeds and suet you may also provide your birds with egg shells, fruits and meal worms. Backed broken egg shells should be especially given to female birds to avoid egg binding.

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