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What are bird flight cages? Any bird owner knows the joy of having a bird, but just like other pets, they need to exercise. Flight cages are large bird cages that allow your favorite pet to fly around, and exercise their wings, without letting them roam around the house. This protects your bird, or birds and keeps them from getting to cooped up. Being able to regularly fly around has many different advantages as well as benefits for your birds.

Bird flight cages allow regular flight for your birds. This is important to their muscles and heart, as well as their skeleton. Flight cages keep your bird healthy, strong and happy. A bird that is kept in a small cage gets atrophied, making their body brittle and susceptible to injury, even if you handle them delicately. Flight is also a strong component when it comes to breeding, so if you want more, then buying a flight cage is a must.

Bird flight cages don't have to break the bank. Many different flight cages cost under $1,000, many that are less than 500. A lot depends on the bird, the space you have, and your budget. For an example there is the Small Corner Aviary. This bird flight cage is 61"x30"x31" with an flying height of 53." It has 1/2" bars spacing, which is ideal for even smaller species. There are vertical as well as horizontal bars all around. There is a slide out plastic and metal cleaning tray, as well as two perches. This model also features two feeding stations, a large from door, and five casters for easy movement around the room. This cage has a non-toxic powder coated finish. The interior space is large enough to attach a variety of different accessories, from bird houses, extra perches, and even wood branches. This model is ideal for finches, canaries, parakeets, and many other small to medium sized birds. It is priced at just $210.99.

For another example of bird flight cages there is the Medium Pitched Roof Aviary. This flight cage is 24" square and 64" high, with a interior space of 60". It has 1/2" spacing. It has many of the same features of the previous model, but instead of one door there are just two large doors. It also has four feeding stations, and four easy to roll caster type wheels. This is an ideal cage for smaller birds, and costs $240.

For large birds such as Cockatoos and Macaws there are a number of different flight bird cages as well. One example of flight cages for these birds is the Opening Victorian Top Macaw Cage, 40"x32". This is also 75" high with an interior space of 62". The bar spacing on this cage is one inch. This product features bird proof feeder and front door locks. The top opens up to a play area, and there is a draw bridge style door in the top front of the unit. In addition, there are also three other feeder door, and a breeder door. This model has two perches and three feeder cups that are made from stainless steel. It also has an easy to clean slider tray and grill. This cage weight in at 179 pounds and costs $595.
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Bird Flight Cages

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This article was published on 2010/11/24