Budgies- Beautiful Domestic Creatures

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The real name of Budgies is Budgerigar and this long tailed parrot which eats small seeds lives in Australia. These Budgies are also called shell Parakeet with nick name Parakeets. Due to low cost, small size and playful nature, the budgies are the favorite birds worldwide. Wild Parakeets are available in torrid regions of Australia. Wild budgies are decorated with yellow and green marking all over the body. This wonderful creature is lovable to birds enthusiasts and these Parakeets are also printed with white, yellow blue with small decorated crests.

Few Important Facts

Wild Parakeets which are available in natural surroundings weigh 30-40gms, 18 cm long with green colored body and black spots all over the body. The young birds display the forehead and face in yellow with black stripes but when they become adults around 3-4 months age, the face and forehead becomes completely yellow and they develop plumage. Wild budgies are nomadic and they are found in open natural surroundings like woodlands, grassland and scrubland of Australia. These birds live in flocks. They prefer to live in groups depending on circumstances. They can travel large distance with the sole purpose of searching for food and water. The groups of budgies feed upon the seeds of grass weeds, spinifex and wheat. Since 1850s onwards, these wonderful Parakeets are nestled in cages by bird lovers.

The breeders have worked hard to breed the budgies in different colors. Budgies are nicely decorated with colorful feathers and fantastic designs. Parakeets with attractive crests are nurtured in cages and they are usually large in size comparing to those birds living in wild forest. English budgies are more attractive, popular and nice looking birds which are also expensive than wild budgies. Budgies are very intelligent and cunning birds. They can be trained to make them sociable.

If you like to rear up Budgies, you should buy budgie cages for keeping them in safe. In this connection, you can also visit to the professional budgie breeding center for collecting information about the modern methods of breeding budgies successfully. They respond more accurately and efficiently to communicate with humans and other budgies. They show their interest to play with toys of various kinds. You can provide teaching to budgies to learn how to whistle tunes, utter and play with you. You can also train them to sing and produce different sounds. You can also teach them some tricks. If they feel threatened by something, they will perch as high as it is possible and will bring its feather close against the body to appear thinner.

If budgies like munch anything, you must offer some treats like cuttlebone, soft wooden pieces and mineral blocks for satisfying them. The average lifespan of budgies is around 5-8 years. They look nice and cute. They must be well taken care of for longer life. In general, the life expectancy relies on the quality of the care which is taken by breeders. The pet budgies feed upon soaked, sprouted or dry seeds. You can prepare the planned dietary program using whole grains and cereals like barley, oat, pasta, flax, rice and wheat.

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Budgies- Beautiful Domestic Creatures

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This article was published on 2010/12/06