Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary

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Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary is situated near the Udhwa Lake also known as Patauda Lake that lies in the Sahibganj District. At an individual level, the Pataura measures around 155 hectares and the Berhale measures around 410 hectares. It is located on the stone which is believed to be thrown from Holy River known as Ganga. The presence of many things in surrounding makes the pleasurable environment.

Climatic Condition

The climatic condition in Bihar is quite hot as it lies in the tropical region. The summers are generally hot and the winters here are very cold. From the month of November to the month of January, the weather is so chilled at this place and the temperature ranges from 50 - 10 Degree Celsius. The month of April, May and June are quite hot and the maximum temperature that can be recorded here is 45 Degree Celsius. The rain falls in June ending and continues till the month of September.

Interesting Facts

  • One can witness the colorful birds on the water surface that includes: Jacana, Gull, Teal, Cormorant, Darter, Dabchick and many others.

  • The others who spend lots of time on the mud and be spotted are: Wader, Plover, Lapwing, Wagtail, Heron, Egret, Heron, Ibis, Praticole and Strock.

  • The others birds those are found in Blue Rock Pigeon, Bee-eater, Myna, Sparrow, Pipit, Bulbul along with other birds.

  • The Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary is very famous for the six different type of Mynas namely Pied Myna, Bank Myna, Indian Myna, Brahminy Myna along with the very rare species known as grey headed Myna.

  • There are also some predatory animals known as Brahminy Kite, Tern, Fishing Eagle, Hawk and Vulture, Swallow, House and Palm Swift, Drongo, Indian Roller and there large variety of such birds.

  • The most important are the migratory birds that enriches the quality of the birds that are found in this region which includes: Brown headed Gull, Black headed Gull, Grey headed lapwing, Little ring Pover, Spotted Green Shanks, Common Sand Piper, Yellow & White Wagtail, Blue throat, Temmink’s Shift, Western Swallow and many others.

How to Reach :-

Railways: The nearest railway station that is situated nearby the sanctuary is Patna on the chief link of Eastern railway. It is well connected with the important Bihar Tourism.

Nearest Airport: Patna is the nearest airport which is well linked to the neighboring state and cities of Bihar. There are number of private planes and Indian Airlines that are operated in Patna.

Roadways: There is a huge network of roads that connects the state and the National highway interlinks with the numerous roads of Bihar and also gets linked up with the neighboring Cities Of Bihar.

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Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary is beautiful Bird Sanctuary that has the varied ranges of birds and is situated in Patna India. It covers the land 565 kilometers. It is located on the stone that has been thrown through the holy rivulet which as Ganga.

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Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary

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Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary

This article was published on 2011/07/28