Use Bird Feeders To Beautify Your Garden

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Any platform that you use to place bird food on is considered a bird feeder. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, although the nicer it looks the more it will add to your garden decor. If you would like to turn your garden into a small oasis for some of the birds in your area, then a bird feeder will be just the ticket. Fill your bird feeder with a variety of different grains for the different species of birds in your area to enjoy. Birds usually prefer sunflower, thistle, safflower, and millet.

A bird feeder will give you an excellent ornithological experience, in addition to feeding all of the hungry birds in your area. You will find that the rarest species of birds will come into your garden, you will no longer have to go to a bird sanctuary to see them. To make it easy to watch the birds without disturbing them, many feeders now come with web cams. Depending on the species of bird, you will have different varieties and designs to choose from.The most common types of bird feeder are the oriole, seed tube, ground, suet, and humming bird feeder.

Seed feeders have either tubes or hoppers. Seed feeders are a very popular choice with bird lovers.Since siskins chickadees, finches, and nuthatches love sunflower seeds these are usually the types of seeds used to fill seed feeders. The various types of seeds will be separated by a partition. A suet feeder looks like a cage made of metal which is plastic coated. The suet is contained inside of this plastic. Bird feed which contains animal fat is called suet. The animal fat protects the feed from moisture and it helps to prevent the feed from turning rancid. If you would like an unobstructed view of the birds while they are eating the suet, you can simply hang it from a window or tree. Flickers and woodpeckers are attracted to suet feeders.

A liquid bird feed is used with hummingbird feeders. The hummingbirds love the liquid feed which is a sugary syrup solution. Hummingbirds will be attracted to the solution if you paint it a bright color. But be careful when you choose the material for coloring the feed, some coloring agents can cause the birds to get sick.

Oriole bird feeders are colored orange. Oriole feeders also supply birds with a liquid type of bird feed. These feeders are mainly for new world orioles, this type of oriole has a pointed tongue and beak. If you locate your feeder where it will be safe from cats and squirrels and use a quality bird food then you can be certain to have a successful bird feeder. Squirrels can be a big problem for the birds because the squirrels will carry away the bird food to their homes, preventing us from feeding the birds. To stop this problem you need to build your feeder so that it can hold the weight of a bird but will break under a heavier weight.

Even though bird feeders are a great way to feed the birds, they do have some disadvantages. If you don't keep the feed and water clean it can cause diseases to spread among the birds when they come in contact with each other. The feeder can also lead certain bird species to become dominant causing an ecological imbalance. So put up a bird feeder, you will not only help to feed some hungry birds, but it will also greatly improve your garden decor.
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Use Bird Feeders To Beautify Your Garden

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This article was published on 2010/10/31